MC Boogshe

Rachel Velberg, MC Boogshe




Rachel Velberg better known as Boogshe was born on the 9th of may in Singleton, Australia. At the age of 15 she started as a singer in a girl group and at the same time she was also a dancer in the breakdance-crew called ‘Rockin Nation’. Her MC career took off after providing her vocals on the smashing club banger “Slut!” by Dennis Christopher and Tony Cha Cha. Boogshe had her debute at the Zebra Lounge during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2006. Tony Cha Cha invited her to do a showcase there. Without really knowing about MCing in the dance scène she performed their track live. After their performances she suddenly started hyping the crowd naturally. People where blown away by her style, she was new and refreshing!

While touring with Tony Cha Cha she took her career to the next level. DJ Jean spotted her during his DJ -sett at Mysteryland 2006. He was so impressed by her energetic appearance and her raw voice that he introduced her to Anna-Agency. Later on they recorded the song “Sexy Lady” which made it up to #16 in the Dutch top 40. Nowadays Boogshe has earned her stripes as an MC and studio-artist in the dance scène. She released several tracks with national and international DJ’s and producers like Dennis Christopher,Tony Cha Cha, Cliff Jones, Erik van Kleef, Starkillers, DJ Jean, Ralvero and Laidback Luke.

As she's performing in almost every club in the Netherlands and at outdoor festivals such as Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Pleasure Island, Queensday 538 Museumplein, Theatric Beats, Reloaded Festival and many more, she's also making her way in the dance scène internationally. In places like Suriname, Poland, Spain, Estionia and Greece she's already well known. She has her own fresh style with a little retro flavour, which turns the party up-side-down! After you had Boogshe hyping your crowd, there's no way back ;-) Currently she is working on several projects and off course her solo project. So check in every once in a while. Boogshe's on her way to the top!

(Source: Dj Guide)