Latin Dirty Electro

DJ D-Rashid has been spinning for over ten years. He learnt his trade growing up in Amsterdam. Today, he is resident in clubs worldwide, playing venues in France, Turkey, Agadir Morocco and the Dutch Antilles. He is well and truly established on the Dutch circuit, playing at large-scale events such as Latin Village Festival, Ambassador (to over 18.000 people), Dance Valley, Lowlands, Mystery Land and all other major dance venues in Holland. Production-wise Rashid has completed a couple of tracks with Madskills on the Alcuzar label, selling over 1500 copies in the process. Rashid has also turned in several remixes with Rishi Bass entitled Lafexa and Raw. The tracks were released in 2006 on G-REX, the label of Gregor Salto, with a fellow up called Raw. He also remixed Cape Verdian group 'Quatro +', with track entitled Cre Sabe and was one of the Latin buzz track of the summer 2006.

(Source: Dj Guide)