> How many devices can be connected to the Djoclate?

-  You can connect two devices to the Djoclate.

 > Does the Djoclate use power from my devices to run?

-  No, the Djoclate doesn’t need external power, so don’t worry, your battery will last like it normally does.

 > Can I connect any device to the Djoclate?

-  Yes you can! As long as you can connect the 3,5mm jack, you will be able to mix in the music coming from your device.

 > Can I use the Djoclate as a splitter as well?

-  Yes you can! By using the output as an input, you can use it as a splitter. The two inputs will then become output channels. Plug in two sets of headphones and you are enjoying the same music together.

 > I’m trying to connect the Djoclate to an Amplifier that doesn’t have a 3.5jack input, Can I still need the Djoclate?

-  Yes you can! But you will need a different cable to connect to the AUX of your Amplifier. Please ask your local cable dealer for the right cable.